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Final Destination

                               The Last Real Guild you will ever belong to.

Stop in, read the Charter, drop a line.

Server: Quellious (for now, more to come)

Level Range:  1 through 85

Membership Locii: Worldwide

Game Experience: Avg > 5 yrs

 Most Wanted Classes

 Tanks - Paladin, Warrior, Shadowknight


 Healers - Clerics, Shamans, Druids


We are looking for players of all sorts. We have a place for those who would just like to be in a guild for social reasons. However, we are most interested in progressing through the EQ content.

 Most wanted are players who want to raid. Raids are voluntary but, those members who are raiders are expected to raid on raid nights. Raids are always at 7pm EST. Raid nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Current Raid Targets: Prophecy of Ro

Sunday night is set aside for doing epic fights and raiding anguish for 2.0 orbs.
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